Found this on Tumblr. I LOVE Tumblr, thats where I find a lot of my quotes and images I like to share on here. This is pretty neat and I think I am going to attempt to do my nails like this soon, probably after graduation because my nails are painted to match my graduation dress right now. haha.

Has anyone done this before? Is it as easy as it sounds??



Ok. Again sorry for the absence, the last bit of stress of theΒ  year is over. I finished campiagns a week and a half ago, and although we did not finish place wise where we wanted, I am still thankful for the experience. It was one of those things while you were in it, it was a love-hate relationship, but in the end you realize how much of an amazing experience and how much you learned from it. Although I am happy its over… for now. haha.

Well this week marks a the begining of a new stage in life for me. I am graduation college on Friday, May 6th. WOW. It seems like the past four years have just flown by and now I really have to grow up and get a big kid job and leave this place that has become a home to me the last four years.

The fact that I was graduating didn’t really hit me until this weekend, I had to say goodbye to two groups this weekend at banquets. Thursday was our Ad. Fed. banquet so I had to pass on the reigns for next year and it was so wierd thinking that I wouldn’t be here next year to lead the club. It was very bittersweet, because I am excited to see what all the new officers will do with the club, but sad because I wont be here helping and being involved with all the great people.

Then on Friday was the Mass Comm banquet, where we got to hang out with everyone we know and love from the department. And that was again bittersweet, celebrating and having fun with everyone (including professors and staff) was so amazing, but then also sad because its now over! The banquet was such a great time and then going out afterwards with some of my friends and favorite professors and staff was a memory I will never forget.

Then my roommate came and fully moved all her stuff out and took the kitty for this week so I could move and pack easier, was kind of the last “HEY YOURE GRADUATING” moment this weekend for me.

I am so excited to be able to join the “real” world and be able to work and do what I am passionate about, but the last 4 years have been so important to me that its quite sad to leave it behind. I have met some amazing people in Winona that I will never forget, and I hope we stay life-long friends as we all move and go in our own directions in life.

One final thought: College has been one heck of a journey, with lots of ups and downs, but it was totally worth it and I will never forget the times I’ve had.

Ok. My sentimental, I’m graduating post is done.. for now πŸ™‚

Excited for April 15th

Pretty much SUPER pumped for this to come out on DVD on Friday. Yes, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and this is my excitement! haha. It will be exciting, I am going to go to Wal-mart at Midnight to get it… my friend and I made a pact to go together so we could watch it πŸ™‚ Anywho there is my dorky-ness for the day!

So I found this on Tumblr and I absolutely LOVE it. Since I will be moving from Winona soon (graduating may 6th) I will have to wait to do this until I get my next aptartment, which may be a couple of months, but I am definatly going to be doing this in my next new place. This shouldnt be too hard, considering I did work at JoAnns for 5 years. Pretty excited to do this….eventually!Β  πŸ™‚

Hey look its me in the Lucky 13 highlight reel…

So I found this like last week, but I forgot to post it… but Campbell Mithuns Lucky 13 internship program had a application process that consisted of 13 tweets this year. A very interesting concept, so I decided to give it a go. Unfortunatley I did not get the internship, BUT I did make the highlight reel…AND I am the very first one they showed… so that must mean I was at least memorable, right? Well, anywho, enjoy!Β

Advertising Agency Tours in Minneapolis!

So today myself and fellow WSU Ad Fed member made the treck to Minneapolis to tour 3 amazing advertising agencies. We hit the road around 730 this wonderful Friday morning and ended up in outside of Campbell Mithun right around 10 am. The Campbell Mithun tour is HUGE and we were not quite sure where the heck to to find the actual reception of Campbell Mithun the agency, so first we asked a janitor and then another person who was sitting at a desk in the lobby. We were directed to go the the 26th floor and low an behold, there she be, Campbell Mithun. After we checked in, we waited for the lovely Kat Dalager to come and show us around the place. It was really interesting to see how Campbell Mithun was laid out, it had a very circular flow when you were walking around it, which was a nice change from the normal box room layouts. After we toured the 4 floors that Campbell Mithun has in the tower, we went to the conference room to view a reel of Campbell Mithuns work. It was so great to get a inside look at the layout and feel of such an amazing and established agency.

Next we hit International Market Square for lunch. I had a quite delicious turkey, bacon and avacado sandwhich for lunch. πŸ™‚

Next stop Mono! We found the blue door and we were super excited to check out Mono, we had seen Larry Olson speak at the SAS and it really sparked our clubs interest in Mono, so we were super excited to be able and go check them out! We met Larry at the front desk and he showed us around and gave us a feel for Mono. One thing I really enjoyed about Mono was their concept wall. They have these glass wall type things that they will put up ideas, pictures, comments, etc up when working on a client, and everyone is encouraged to put in their 10-cents on the wall each day. I really love the collabrative concept behind the wall. After our tour we went into the conference room to chat with Larry and Learn some more about Mono and their work. I really enjoyed being able to see Mono, and see the differences between them and Campbell Mithun!

Our last agency we saw today was Knock. Our former AdFed president Julia, had recently got a job their, so we were all really excited to check it out! First we went on a tour, and one thing I really liked about Knock was that where the creatives sat was all open and front of a big window, you get that natural lighting and the collaborative effort in that space again that I really enjoyed. After the tour we sat down in the conference room to take a deeper look into Knock and the work they do. It was super interesting to sit down with the 5 or so employees they had in there and really get a feel for the different roles and aspects that they were involved with!

Overall today was a very long and exciting day! It was so interesting to be able to the differences between all the agency we saw today and get to know everyone we met! I definatly enjoyed it!

I want to make this chair.

I really want to make this chair. Anyone got a spare old suitcase for me to make a chair out of?


Someday I will buy a home and fill it full of cool furnature like this.

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