Also in the limited free time I have had I have taken up a new passion for baking unique cupcakes. The cupcakes I have made are:


Chocolate Red Wine with a Cream Cheese frosting. (this one turned out so so)

Carmel Applitini with a Frosting infused with Apple Vodka (good, but the frosting was a bit strong)


and my most recent and most successful concoction,

Chocolate Peppermint Schnapps with a Cream Cheese frosting infused with Peppermint Schnapps, SO TASTY.


Although they have all included alcohal this time around… I think my next try will be some sort of take on peanut butter and jelly.

I honestly love quotes. If I could just have a wall of cool quotes in my house I would. Maybe someday I will.

Its been FAR too Long.

Ok guys, the last time I posted on here was January 7th. Wow. I can tell you right now I WANTED to be able to post all the random cool things I find on the internet, IF I HAD TIME. Let me tell you my Senior semester has been quite the time. My senior capstone class for advertising is A LOT A LOT A LOT of work.

First of all they take all the 60-80 Advertising and PR students and split us up into “agencies”. Each agency has 9-11 people in them, usually half PR, half Ad. Each year for the capstone class they assign us a real life client, usually a Minnesota based company. This years client is Best Buy, and we have executives come in and watch our presentations and rank us. This is a great real life experience.

From there our first task is to come up with an agency name and logo. Then we have TWO WEEKS to plan a TRADESHOW. That is including ordering promotional items, making brouchures, business cards, printing work, assigning titles (I’m madam president for my agency), and figuring out how to layout and present yourselves as an agency. Putting together an tradeshow was super fun, but very stressful to do in 2 weeks.. but we managed it. My agency took first in the tradeshow so that was absolutely fabulous. The agency name we came up with was Seed Creative Services and our logo is below.


After the tradeshow we had 4 weeks to come up with an entire years campaign and do a video presentation that properly evoked the Best Buy theme. Again this was a tough challenge, 4 weeks to come up with an entire campaign AND a video. They were right on the first day when they said you will not sleep until April 20th. Because when preparing for this projects and making sure everything was to standard, and fitting in all my other homework and activities,  (on top of this the girl who was doing our video had her computer crash 4 days before the presentation, and having to start from scratch) I basically was averaging 3 hours of sleep per night. After all our hard work we placed 3rd in presentation 1, but there was no second (wierd I know), so really we got second… and in the cumulative rankings we were still in first overall.

Now the second presentation was just on Wednesday and we were feeling very confident going into it. Then when our video presentation was almost over…IT FROZE. We got the pinwheel of death on the mac, thank goodness we had burned like 9 dvds as back up, so we went to put one in and then bam it started playing again, although it had skipped like a minute… that made us nervous. When the rankings finally came up we were ranked at 5th and we were quite upset. Once we got our feedback we were told there was a slight error when they were reading our budget, and that knocked us down 2 ranks. BUT we are still 2nd overall, only trailing by one point. AND they triple the points this next time around, so we basically have to rock it and make sure our budget is presented clearly and effectivly and we could win this, its a close race between all 6 agencies at this point so its all up in the air.

Oh and you might be asking yourself this, what exactly would you get if you won campaigns…. well lemme tell you what we get…


Well basically that has been what has been consuming my life the past 3 months and why I havnt been on here in a while, I honestly forget I have other classes besides campiagns so I will try and update this as much as possible, BUT until April 2oth (when campains is over) I cant garuntee anything.