Ok. Again sorry for the absence, the last bit of stress of the  year is over. I finished campiagns a week and a half ago, and although we did not finish place wise where we wanted, I am still thankful for the experience. It was one of those things while you were in it, it was a love-hate relationship, but in the end you realize how much of an amazing experience and how much you learned from it. Although I am happy its over… for now. haha.

Well this week marks a the begining of a new stage in life for me. I am graduation college on Friday, May 6th. WOW. It seems like the past four years have just flown by and now I really have to grow up and get a big kid job and leave this place that has become a home to me the last four years.

The fact that I was graduating didn’t really hit me until this weekend, I had to say goodbye to two groups this weekend at banquets. Thursday was our Ad. Fed. banquet so I had to pass on the reigns for next year and it was so wierd thinking that I wouldn’t be here next year to lead the club. It was very bittersweet, because I am excited to see what all the new officers will do with the club, but sad because I wont be here helping and being involved with all the great people.

Then on Friday was the Mass Comm banquet, where we got to hang out with everyone we know and love from the department. And that was again bittersweet, celebrating and having fun with everyone (including professors and staff) was so amazing, but then also sad because its now over! The banquet was such a great time and then going out afterwards with some of my friends and favorite professors and staff was a memory I will never forget.

Then my roommate came and fully moved all her stuff out and took the kitty for this week so I could move and pack easier, was kind of the last “HEY YOURE GRADUATING” moment this weekend for me.

I am so excited to be able to join the “real” world and be able to work and do what I am passionate about, but the last 4 years have been so important to me that its quite sad to leave it behind. I have met some amazing people in Winona that I will never forget, and I hope we stay life-long friends as we all move and go in our own directions in life.

One final thought: College has been one heck of a journey, with lots of ups and downs, but it was totally worth it and I will never forget the times I’ve had.

Ok. My sentimental, I’m graduating post is done.. for now 🙂


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